Classroom Photo Album

Ellison Student Council demonstrate their Ellison Pride for Central's Homecoming.

Haley, Kylie and Alexa research for information.
Trevor,  Thane and Xavier ponder over their suggestions.
Saxton and Cooper present their ideas to their collabatory.
Jordyn, Jake, Matthew and Austin discuss their options about presenting their proposal to their group.
Students in "collabatories"receive their community problem to solve.
Cooper, Amber, Charles and MiKayla are getting into the action of dipping.
Mrs. Kaiser and Kylie dipping "turtles".

Kelsey making peanut clusters.

Mrs. Mollus instructing sixth graders

Sixth Graders getting into the fun of dipping into fractions.
Cole and Matthew dipping into chocolate fractions.

Road Trip Investigation

Ellison Student Council 2010-11

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